The GANDAN TURBO is a cutting-edge electric scooter engineered to redefine urban mobility. Its powerful motor and long-lasting battery deliver exceptional performance, enabling swift acceleration and extended range on every ride. With its sturdy construction and innovative design, it ensures durability and reliability, making it ideal for daily commuting and recreational use. The scooter’s ergonomic features and intuitive controls provide a comfortable and effortless riding experience for users of all skill levels. Whether navigating city streets or exploring scenic routes, the GANDAN TURBO offers a thrilling and convenient way to travel, setting a new standard for electric scooter excellence.

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500W Brushless QS Super Torque Motor

Industry-leading technologies give maximum torque performance and fantastic riding experience.

12 inch hub motor
500W continuously
Strengthened Suspension Fork

The inverted design realizes a more rapid shock absorption while improving the rigidity of the whole assembly. Reinforced springs help you to have a better control of the bike when turning or braking. The whole assembly is well-calibrated in order to achieve a perfect balance of comfort and control.

31 mm inner tube
10 mm preload


Hydraulic Disk Brake Systems

As the most reliable stopping technology on the market, the front and rear hydraulic brake systems help you to stop when you need to. The adjustable brake levers allow for customization and you can set an angle which is the most comfortable for you.

24 degrees lever adjustable range
6000 km rated brake pads lifetime
Bluetooth Exhaust/Radio System
Make the noise of a real bike. Rides have made more fun.


Buell Style Front Brake
Stronger stopping power. More responsive braking.


Rear Shock
Well calibrated for more comfortable riding experiences.


Passenger Handles
Share the fun with your family and friends.


Inverted Front Shocks
Better performance, more comfortable.


LED Tail Light & Turning Signals
LED fixtures are more energy efficient than a traditional system. Higher visibility makes your rides safer.


Ergonomic Design Seating
Comfort is as important as performance.


Diamond Front Turning Signals
Stylish and high visibility.


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Black, Blue, Red


72V/30Ah Lithium, 72V/32Ah Lead Acid, 72V/50Ah Lithium


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