The MONTA X2 electric scooter is a versatile urban transport solution. Its robust build and powerful motor make it suitable for various terrains and commuting needs. With advanced suspension and shock absorption systems, it offers a comfortable ride even on rough roads. The long-lasting battery ensures extended travel distances, ideal for daily commutes or leisure rides. Safety features like anti-lock braking systems and bright LED lights enhance rider security. Compact yet sturdy, the MONTA X2 is designed for maneuverability and reliability, redefining the urban commuting experience.

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Dual 500W Brushless Hub Motor

Industry-leading technologies give maximum torque performance and fantastic riding experience. You will be surprised by its performance in climbing hills and dealing with varying road conditions.

Dual 500W Peak Output
2x45N.m Motor Torque

Dual 48V Samsung Lithium-ion Battery

Equipped with a powerful heart, the high quality Samsung lithium battery ensures a longer range and a longer lifetime. The Smart Management System gives you peace of mind in use, maintenance and storage. The removable design adds incredible convenience to your daily use.

1000 rated recharging cycles
up to 2016Wh battery capacity

*Single battery versions are also available. Prices vary for different battery configurations.


LCD Display with Backlight

The LCD display provides information including the speed, pedal assist level, battery level and trip distance. The LED backlight makes the readings easier any time day or night.

3 Levels backlight brightness
IP65 Ingress Protection Rating
LED Headlight
More energy-efficient while keeping you safe.
Hydraulic Disk Brakes
The best stoppping technology in the market. Responsive and smooth stopping.
Lockable & Adjustable Front Shocks
Well calibrated for more comfortable and flexible rides.
Thumb Throttle
The best design in preventing accidental activation.
26-inch Mountain Bike Tubed Tire
Provides better grip and traction even on rough terrain.
Shimano 7-Speed Mega Range Freewheel.
Satisfy all kinds of riding needs. In combination with the flexible pedal assist system, it helps you to customize the ride.
Adjustable Saddle Seat
Designed for riders of all heights. The soft stuffing also makes your rides more comfortable and enjoyable.
Optional Front/Rear Racks
Enhance the carrying ability of your bike.


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Dual Motor + Single Samsung Battery 48V/15Ah (15Ah+0Ah), Dual Motor + Single Samsung Battery 48V/21Ah (21Ah+0Ah), Dual Motor + Single Samsung Battery 48V/30Ah (15Ah+15Ah), Dual Motor + Single Samsung Battery 48V/36Ah (15Ah+21Ah), Dual Motor + Single Samsung Battery 48V/42Ah (21Ah+21Ah)


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