The Utron represents a new era in electric mobility, offering a seamless fusion of style and performance. With its cutting-edge design and innovative technology, it delivers a thrilling ride experience while promoting sustainability. Engineered for urban environments, its agile handling and efficient electric powertrain make navigating city streets effortless. Equipped with advanced features such as regenerative braking and customizable riding modes, it ensures both safety and convenience for riders. The Utron’s compact form factor and sleek aesthetics make it a standout choice for urban commuters seeking a greener transportation option. Whether for daily commuting or leisurely rides, this electric scooter provides a reliable and eco-friendly solution for modern city living, redefining the way we move.




Bafang 500W Mid Drive Motor

Enormous power as you go. Thanks to the triple sensors which monitor both the torque and speed, it always delivers the top performance in the most energy-efficient way.

120 Nm max torque
500W motor power
Bafang TFT LCD Display with Backlight

The High Contrast TFT LCD display provides high visibility. With the information including the speed, pedal assist level, battery level and trip distance, it is easier to keep track of the trips.

3.5 Inch screen size
IP65 protection rating
Powerfly Full Suspension Frame

Increase stability and comfort with the full suspension. Off-road adventure becomes more enjoyable and smooth. Plus, the rear air shock offers enormous flexibility for you to fine-tune the rigidity of the shock to your preferred level.

Panasonic Intube 48V Lithium-ion Battery

Equipped with a powerful heart, the high quality Panasonic lithium battery ensures a longer range and a longer lifetime. The Smart Management System gives you peace of mind in use, maintenance and storage. The removable in-tube battery design is a perfect blend of convenience and stylishness.

1000 rated recharging cycles
840Wh battery power

Air Rear ShockFine-tuned for varying purposes and preferences.

Hydraulic Disk Brakes180mm large brake rotors are more responsive. More controlled stopping means safer rides.
Lockable & Adjustable Front Shocks Well calibrated for more comfortable and flexible rides.
Removable Intube Battery Delivers up to 840Wh power without compromising the stylishness.
LED Tail Light Keeping you safe at night.
Shimano 8-Speed Freewheel Satisfies all kinds of riding needs. In combination with the Bafang mid-drive system, it helps you to customize the ride.
Bafang Mid Drive Motor Weather-proof. No matter water, mud or sand, it will get you through.
High-Contrast Color Matrix Display Acquire all trip information at a glance.

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48V/17.5Ah Lithium (Removable)


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